Belgian Influencers to follow

While Belgium is a small country, it has much to offer, especially in terms of high quality and inspiring influencers.

Made in is on the lookout for the top ones you should follow. Here they are:


It all started with her blog, which is one of the most read in Belgium. Milkywaysblueyes quickly grew a high quality Instagram account which her followers love. Her irreproachable style, inspiring photography skills and bright personality put her on the map and make her inevitable to follow.


Beautiful Aurela has a great YouTube channel on which she shares tips, travels, funny stories and whatever tickles her fancy. The fact that she is also a photo model probably explains the amazing growth of her Instagram account, which also benefits from a very high engagement rate. Her endless optimism, personal sense of derision and her contagious laugh have won the hearts of many.


Avid traveler and fashion icon, Lima shares her life through inspiring pictures with her followers. The beauty has over 200,000 followers on her beautiful Instagram account. Also, read her blog for in depth info!

Un Français en Belgique

Originally from Bordeaux in France, Un Français en Belgique moved to Belgium 2 years ago and fell in love with the country, where he now lives. His YouTube channel and popular Facebook page share, in the funniest way, the reality of being French in Belgium and the singularities of this little gem of a country. All of his videos make me cry with laughter.


This amazingly talented young pastry chef started a Facebook page where he shares his own sweet recipes in “minute food” format. He is growing at an astounding pace and his followers love him! He gained nearly 500,000 followers in the first year of his page. Yummy!

David Olkarny

David’s photographer career is what led him to open his Instagram account. Since then, he has gained over 200,000 followers and uses the account as an expression of his skills, looks, love and interests. The quality of the pictures are breathtaking and he is always coming up with new concepts. Love!


Glamour Fashioniista is a young and sweet girl who has a mastery of organization, DIY and good tips. As a result, she shares all of this on her YouTube channel in a refreshingly positive way.

Totally Two

The babe BFF duo formed by Talisalo and Celineschh opened a joint Instagram account to share their adventures, travels, outfits and more. You should know both of these Instagram stars individual accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers. I personally love their TotallyTwo account, all smiles and fun!

Made in has the chance to work with the best talents worldwide to create impactful influence strategies for its clients. Check out our article on mommy influencers!

Clara Tairraz

Clara Tairraz

Brunch enthusiast, avid traveller and inexhaustible dancer, Clara manages Made in's European accounts and is based in Paris. Sponsorships manager in her old life, she always seeks new colourful and creative ways to make brands shine. Her secret weapon: unparalleled positivity

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