Delicious dairy free recipes for any hour of the day

It’s 2015 and the « Foodie » lifestyle is at an all-time high in popularity ! Whether it be recipes, cooking tips or new interesting products, inspiration is literally everywhere : from magazines to television, radio, stores and, of course, to the Internet. That being said, not everyone finds it easy to follow the trend, as it can be much harder for those who live with different diet restrictions.

So to help out some of you, we searched the whole blogosphere and found these five easy, tasty and dairy free recipes to try in the morning, afternoon or evening !

Breakfast : Lemon poppyseed waffles

A photographer and true culinary artist, Allyson Kramer makes no secret of the fact that she just loves lemon. Rediscover the classic lemon-poppyseed combo with this waffle recipe that is dairy-free, gluten-free and 100% vegan, perfect to start your day on the right foot !

Délicieuses recettes sans lactose pour toute heure de la journée : Allyson Kramer - Crème Mag

To drink : Cheery cherry detox smoothie

Lexie became interested in healthy cuisine after she found out that her little boy suffered from damaging neurologic and intestinal conditions. Determined to help other parents that share her situation, and any other person who simply wants to start eating better, she created Lexie’s Kitchen and Living, a blog where she shares amazing dairy free, gluten free, egg free or low sugar recipes, including this detoxifying cherry smoothie !

Délicieuses recettes sans lactose pour toute heure de la journée : Lexie's Kitchen and Living - Crème Mag

Lunch : Chicken, grilled vegetables & hummus wrap

« For the pleasure of your eyes and taste buds », Virginie invites you to join her little gourmet universe, appropriately named Delicious Happiness ! There, you will find a ton of dairy free, gluten free and organic-friendly recipes to indulge in without irritating your fragile stomach. At lunchtime, these chicken wraps are sure to give you the boost of energy you need to make it through the rest of your work day !

Délicieuses recettes sans lactose pour toute heure de la journée : Delicious Happiness - Crème Mag

Dinner : Vietnamese phô with beef

If you don’t already know Marilou, Alexandre and their culinary empire, now would be the time to make note of it ! On Trois fois par jour (which translates to Three times a day), the food is just as delicious as it looks on their gorgeous photos, and there’s something for every taste, every style and every whim. The couple’s beef phô is one of very few that can rival the ones we find in the most typical of vietnamese restaurants !

Délicieuses recettes sans lactose pour toute heure de la journée : Trois fois par jour - Crème Mag

Dessert : Green tea & coconut ice cream

The concept of Dana’s blog, Minimalist Baker, is absolutely brilliant : It’s entirely dedicated to simple recipes that require less than 10 ingredients, one mixing bowl and no more than 30 minutes to prepare ! Thanks to her, anyone who’s lactose intolerant doesn’t have to say goodbye to ice cream, because she invented a few heavenly flavors made with coconut milk… And they’re all yummy !

Délicieuses recettes sans lactose pour toute heure de la journée : Minimalist Baker - Crème Mag

Alyssia Duval

Alyssia Duval

True movie buff and pop culture enthusiast, Alyssia is an aspiring screenwriter. Always seeking new inspiration, she loves to travel the world and read about everything the universe has to offer. Her secret weapon? She won an Oscar... For "Best girlfriend"!

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