The importance of an editorial calendar

This is a topic that many people have asked us to address. And for good reasons: we all have a busy life. Between work, children for some of you, our hobbies, sports, it is difficult to organize ourselves and to not sleep at 2am because we really want to write a blog post and share it with our readers.


Firstly what is an editorial calendar? This is simply a schedule that allows you to plan your next publications of content on your blog. The idea is to plan ahead your next article topics, which will allow you to be more efficient and creative.

Yes it is a bit contradictory because inspiration can point the tip of his nose at any time. We fully agree, but it is always interesting to have an action plan to stimulate inspiration and your creativity!

Ok, but specifically, how do you create an editorial calendar? Where do you start?

 1.Make a list of topics, topics that interest you and you would like to share with your readers. For this you can use upcoming events, such as Christmas or Easter, fashion week or Mother’s Day. You can also go take a look at Google Analytics and see the blog posts that have pleased your readers and why not develop those subjects in a second blog post. Careful to keep your editorial line 😉 (We trust you for that)

 2 . Set the number of articles you ideally want to publish every week.

 3 . Set a date for the writing and the publishing for each subject while taking the time to check your calendar (yes, that would be a shame to plan the writing of an article whereas that you planned a workout after work followed by a dinner with your friends). Plus it would be interesting for you to plan your articles by keeping in mind contests that you have to share, collaborations, events where you’re invited and you would like talk on your blog, etc.

 4 . Then, set the content type (videos, article, products or services reviews, interviews …). You could assign a content type to a specific day of the week. Monday could be the day of recipes and Wednesday could be the day of interviews. This will create a habit with your readers who will wait all of your articles with impatience.

 5. What are your promotions channel (Facebook? Twitter? Remember that from a topic to another , your promotion channel may differ. Indeed, if you have decided to share a recipe with photos, opt for networks which the image is important. Pinterest for example, taking into account the valuable advices given during our Made in Blog Campus by Celina.

 6 . It’s finally time to move to the formatting. You can obviously use a notebook or a classic agenda. But if you decide to use your computer do not forget to sync it with your smartphone. The Evernote application is perfect for that. You will be able to record your ideas at any time. You can also use an Excel file, why not on google Drive. If you work in groups on a blog it will be easier to synchronize your data with the creation of a new calendar on which you invite your collaborators.calendrier

Indeed, everyone has their way of working. This article will serve as your starting point to help you build your own schedule. Because basically the important thing is not to create a schedule, but to respect it. For this, last advices : do not stay completely fixed on the calendar and do not set goals that you will not be able to reach;)

Happy blogging 🙂

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