Throwback on Camille DG conference – The Secrets of Multitasking

Camille Dg is the founder and the editor in chief of the lifestyle blog Le Cahier / The Booklet. She hosts and produces the show Le Cahier on MATV. In addition, she hosted the live broadcast of the Montreal Fashion Week and the Fashion and Design Festival. Not to mention, she is also the president of the Codmorse agency.

The Secrets of Multitasking - Camille Dg 

During this conference Camille gave us her tricks to juggle brilliantly between all your activities and your blog in a  professional way.

For Camille, one trait is vitally important – will power! Most people see blogging as a hobby. They see the glitter, but they do not see the work behind it.

Camille is the editor in chief of the collaborative blog: Le Cahier/The Booklet and she gave some tools to facilitate group work:

– Google Drive

– Wunderlist for the to-dos

– Evernote to sync notes

– Antidote to avoid mistakes (in French)

Camille also addressed the subject of different work methods. There are many: the Pomodoro approach for example, or the Inbox Zero one. The key is to find the method that suit you best because every person is different and therefore works differently. Why not start by finding the hours you’re most effective. When working, the principal is to not stop. Do not touch your phone or don’t go on social networks: “Multitasking does not mean doing everything at the same time.” You should also be careful to not get too overburden saying yes to all proposals, sometimes you have to say no.

In terms of social networks, Camille advised to schedule publications and / or to allow time to manage them. Also ensure to post publications to the most optimal hours.

Another thing that Camille insisted on is: having a timeline. You have to know how to keep a schedule. Example: you can not attend an event? No problem. Just let the person who invited you know that you won’t be able to make it. This is the basis of any professional relationship. We must learn to manage your blog as a business in order to always be professional. 

To develop your blog, Camille gave a few tips:

– Do not hesitate to rework the interface to make it more “user friendly” and therefore professional.

– Avoid

– Impose yourself a publication rate

Camille finished by advising the influencers to set goals. “Where do you see yourself in 3 months, 6 months? “Do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone, you already have one foot in the gears, you simply have to persevere.


Find Camille on Le Cahier/The Booklet or on social media


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