Throwback on Christelle Tanielian – How my passion became my work


Christelle Tanielian is the author of the culinary blog Christelle is flabbergasting, some of the best cooking blogs in Canada by the National Post.

French of origin, she lived in several countries in Europe and worked as an art director for graphic design major agencies in Spain and Quebec.

Autodidact and passionate about cooking and traveling, she lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, as a stylist, food photographer and artistic director. Since 2012, she write the popular chronic L’Atelier de cuisine in La Presse and La Presse +. She published her first cookbook Ensemble, cuisine gourmande et colorée in autumn 2014 and collaborates with several print publications and web publications, in Canada and internationally.

Her work has been mentioned in many media.


In her lecture at the Made in Blog Campus, Christelle talked about her career. She told us the lessons that she learned during all these years of blogging. How she has managed to build a relationship with her readers, remaining authentic and without having to fear changes and also how she learned to apply self-analysis. Some publications will be worse than others, but as Christelle said, “you have to know deal with imperfections.”

Christelle also emphasized about positive thinking to escape the negative: we must be mutually supportive with the help of the community of bloggers and influencers that are around you.

Finally, Christelle reminded that we should not forget the reason why you blog: blogging should remain fun. Christelle said that she does not make money with her blog. Even if she left her job to concentrate fully on the blog, it always remained to be just a showcase of her work and that’s how she gots contracts. Stay passionate and do not give up, it’s the final advice of Christelle conference.

Then followed questions about her relationship with brands and with La Presse. She says, for example, that for her first collaboration with La Presse, they were the one who approached her through her blog. It worked so well that they have contacted her again. Today she does not work alone anymore and does not hesitate to go directly meet clients in order to gain new contracts. No pain no gain!

Find Christelle on her blogue or her social media!


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