Throwback on Eve Martel conference – How to present a project to a brand

Eve Martel is the director of content of Sid Lee in Montreal. There, she manages creative projects for brands like Videotron, Keurig Canada, IGA, Georges St. Pierre and National Bank. Open and curious, she has a strong passion for well-designed and well measured content. Author of multiple blogs since 2005, she currently blogs on which is a lifestyle blog. Those two roles gives her a unique perspective on the relationship between brands and content creators.

How To Present A Project To A Brand - Eve Martel, Tellement Swell

Eve Martel shared how to present a project to a brand. But as everything else, you need to prepare:

– What are your goals?

– What do you want to do?

– Is it for a sponsored post, a product placement, tweets, etc?


Then you’ll need a media kit that contains your most important information:

– Who are you? (Be careful, you are not writing an autobiography)

– What is your editorial line?

– The number of unique visitors on your blog

– Your social media platforms and subscribers

– Etc.

Now, you need to find the right person to contact in order to send the media kit. For this, there is Linkedin, your social media or Google.

Then do some research on the brand. Your goal is not to contact every brands of the world but to really target the brand that you like with a specific project in mind: it could be the organization of a giveaway to celebrate the birthday of your blog. You can, for example, contact a brand you’ve already talked about on your blog.

Eve then gave practical advices on writing the email itself. It must, for example, list the benefits that you can bring for the brand and do not forget the media kit.

Once you’re collaborating with the brand, you need to be organized. You must respect the different timelines, then verify that all the requirements are in the article before its publication and be transparent by indicating if the article is sponsored!


You can find Eve Martel  on her blog and her social media!



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