MiB Chat – How to take advantage of Instagram as bloggers?

How To Take Advantage of Instagram as Bloggers

Instagram is THE trendy social app, the place to be! For our first MiB Chat of the year we discussed about the question: How to take advantage of Instagram as bloggers?

Instagram to promote our blog posts

We wanted to know why do you use Instagram in general. And the answer is almost unanimous: to promote your content.

mib chat - instagram

mib chat-instagram


But this raised an issue: the integration of links in publications. It is impossible today to insert clickable links in the legend of our photos on Instagram. But this does not stop us to promote blog posts. We can always put the link under the picture as a reminder or give information (in legend or via tags) about the article in order to pique curiosity. We can also direct subscribers to the link of our blog placed in our bio.

mib chat - instagram

mib chat - instagram

Plan publications

Instagram is primarily an application made to capture and share moments of life. Today, in the era of flatlays”  and self-promotion on Instagram, a question arises: are we losing the spontaneity of the beginning? Many of you tell us that you schedule your publications. Whether through the use of an external application (Latergram) or simply by storing your photos in order to publish them later.

mib chat - instagram
mib chat - instagram

So what is the best time to publish your pictures? What is the ideal frequency of publication? You tend to all agree on this point: In the morning and in the evening. This is also what we recommend. Between 8am and 10am and between 6pm and 8pm seem to be the best times to publish, these are the times where you get the most interactions.

mib chat - instagram

However, as Elodie, said it you can still do tests and/or analyze your results (via Statigram) to determine the ideal time.

mib chat - instagram

As bloggers, plan publications can be a plus if you lack of time and want to share content because of a collaboration for example. However, careful not to lose the spontaneity owned by this social network.

Grow your community

Instagram would not be much without the subscribers and the interactions they bring. To increase your community, nothing is better than pretty pictures. If the pictures are related to your blog it’s even better. You do not have to necessarily publish a lot of pictures the important thing is to be consistent in your publication frequency. Hashtags are also a good way to grow your community by giving more visibility to your photos. Indeed hashtags allow all users of Instagram to find photos that match their interests.

mib chat - Instagram MiB Chat - Instagram

Your relation with brands

In terms of the relationship between brands and influencers on Instagram, as emphasized by several bloggers, the interest of Instagram is to share the content you love, your own content. Of course you can tag the brand concerned by your photos 🙂

MiB chat - InstagramMiB chat - Instagram

And at the end of the day, if you get noticed, that’s great! Just think to stay true to yourself. Whether you are collaborating with a brand or not.

mib chat - instagram mib chat - instagram

And post when you want, not necessarily when it’s the best time to have more interactions. This way, Instagram will still be a fun application 🙂

We loved discussing with you during this MiB Chat! You can read our conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #mibchat. Stay tuned for the next Chat by following us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!


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