Throwback on Hélène from Mon Blog de Fille conference – Blog and YouTube, a success story

Hélène Legastelois crossed the Atlantic to share her experience at the Campus Made in Blog as one of the most influential beauty bloggers in France.

Created in 2005, 10 years ago, « Mon blog de Fille » was the first beauty blog in France. Previously working in the tourism sector she decided to stop everything to focus on her passion. Seeing the success of the culinary blogs, she had the idea to create her own blog to share her passion for cosmetics. As she was one of the few to have a blog back then, soon enough she started to draws the attention of brands and advertising networks. Finally, her blog became her ultimate work even if she never felt like she was working. She continually tries to improve her blog and the quality of the photos not to bored his readers.

 Blog and YouTube, A Succes Story

Subsequently , Helen wanted to offer new types of content by offering a bit of fashion. This new category had a huge success and her readers started to identify themselves with her but mostly her style. 

On the Septembre 1th in 2008, she had the idea of creating her first Youtube channel as a visual support to show by example the application of certain products. However she does not really consider herself as a YouTuber.

She loves making videos and talking in front of the camera , but she admits without hesitation that her video does not reach the YouTube standards unlike other YouTuber who are young and who really  maximise on decoration for example.

Part of a French advertising network similar as Made in Blog, she’s been offered variety of campaigns but also have privileged relationships with several brands as Urban Decay or Shiseido. Those relationships brands helped her to be invited at the IMATS, USA. 

She also gave wise advices for all the young futur bloggers and YouTuber:

– Do what you love, without having a “marketing plan” in mind and without waiting for something back. 

– Be yourself, and be true to your subscribers. Honesty and authenticity are what will set you apart from the other. Because there’s a lot of YouTubers and bloggers in this field so it would be better on the long run if you could add your personal touch. If we look at today’s successful YouTubers (Michelle Phan, Marlena, Pixiwoo, Promise Phan, Lisa Eldridge, Ingrid, Estée / Essie…), they all started in their bedroom, with a natural light, because they were passionate (well, not Lisa Eldrige, we’ll admit that!). 

– On a blog or a YouTube Channel, people get attached to a person, so your personality should be your strength. 

– What you propose to your readers and subscribers must be pretty, neat and well written.  

Thanks again Hélène for this inspiring lecture!

You can find Hélène, on her blog or social media.

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