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For the second chat of the year, we wanted to talk about the future blogs. Indeed, there are many articles that predict the end of the blogs. Blogging is changing. For example, comments on blogs are becoming increasingly rare, and this for the benefit of other places of exchange: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But basically, what is a blog?

What is a blog?

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For most influencers, it is a space for sharing and exchange that also allows you to interact with people with the same passions. This is one of the reasons why they started blogging. 

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The changes

But we have seen some changes appear on blogs lately, with the birth of collaborative blogs for example. Or professionalization and / or monetization of blogs. 

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The question we might ask is: is the way of blogging has changed?

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From what we read, the way of blogging has not changed and when we talk about the end of blogs, the influencers are clear: blogs are not dead, they evolve, they adapt to new trends.


We agree, the blog is not dead. But then, what are the key ingredients of blogs that last? We believe it is necessary to remain yourself. When following a blogger, it’s for his unique voice, for what he has to say, but especially for the way he says it. Be yourself and be curious. Observe what is happening around you and understand the changes. While remaining passionate and close to your readers!

mibchat-future-of-blogs mibchat-future-of-blogs mibchat-future-of-blogs mibchat-future-of-blogs  

The Evolution

Speaking of changes, we mentioned it in the introduction, readers who stopped leaving comments on blogs for the social media like Instagram for example. So stop your blog  for a social network is that a possible change? Like you, we believe that the two are entirely complementary. The content of a blog is essential. It helps to give a voice, a personality to contents. It allows to share experiences in more details.


Finally, how will be blogging in 3 or 5 years? How influencers see blogging?

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The blogosphere is constantly changing. The arrival of new blogs pushes influencers to be more creative. The boundary between social media and blogs is becoming thinner. Maybe that’s the future of blogging: a platform where blogs and social media are one and the same?

See you next month for the #mibchat. Feel free to read our entire conversation using the hashtag on Twitter;)


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