The #GoldenGlobes as seen on Social Media

Social Media has brought a whole new element to live televised events. Several years ago, award shows such as the Golden Globes aired on television and were mostly covered by the media the day after, in newspaper and magazine headlines.

And then, there was social media.

Social media has added a new sphere of live interaction. Before, during and after the show, people from all around the world are constantly sharing their thoughts, reactions and feelings towards anything and everything. With blog articles, tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts being published by the second, it created a phenomenon bringing media coverage to a whole new level.

Trending on Twitter

With over 317 million monthly active users, Twitter is often considered an instant microblogging platform. One of Twitter’s greatest features is that it allows you to easily see what people are talking about at an exact time and place through trending topics.

The #GoldenGlobes itself counted over 3.3K unique tweets being sent out by the hour, with over 22K retweets and 197M people exposed to the hashtag. Other popular topics trending during the event were Meryl Streep for her poignant speech, winner of best picture La La Land and the popular show Stranger Things.


A Closer-Than-Ever Golden Globes Access through Celebrities

 Viewers of the event were not the only ones posting on social media during the Golden Globes. Indeed, many celebrities actually attending the event shared their experience through unique photographs on Instagram.

Countdown to the #GoldenGlobes 🏆 #GlamSquad #Prep @hairbyadir @mollyrstern

A photo posted by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

Met the queen after her speech

A photo posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

What does this mean for brands?

Brands have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on social media’s ability to provide a unique feeling of proximity between influencers and consumers to create buzz during events such as product launches. Instagram stories and posts, as well as tweets and Snapchat stories can be leveraged to give the community an exclusive look into the new collection or product. To learn how to leverage social media and influencers to market your brand, contact Made in.

Nadine Nour

Nadine Nour

A self-confessed cat lover, coffee addict and professional bruncher, Nadine is an admirer of Montreal. Her favorite hobbies include travelling around the world, reading, discovering new places and obsessing over anything beauty or fashion related. A lover of influencer marketing, she strives to stay on top of new digital trends by constantly exploring what different social media platforms have to offer, by keeping track of creative content and by identifying up and coming influencers.

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