The Very First Bloggers Vide Dressing in Quebec !!

At the occasion of our very first vide dressing last Sunday, Made in Blog wanted to please you girls (and guys thanks to  @OhmyMenswear ) by inviting you to share a great moment with your favourite bloggers in our office.

I already hear you guys questioning me on “WHAT THE HELL IS A VIDE DRESSINGGGG ???” with great concern about it. Well it’s really easy to understand, here a simple definition that will enlighten you on this well known concept:

Vide-Dressing nm, 1. Empty your wardrobe. 2. A gathering of composed of a community of fashion lovers (also known as « fashionistas » or « fasion bloggers ») who meet to buy and sell their previously owned clothing and fashion accessories that we were starring at when reading their blogs.

But as we say « a picture is worth a thousand words” so here’s a quick look back on our amazing events that makes some of you lose their heads over crazy clothes.





delphine souliers2






More photos HERE

And if you where there here what you could’ve heard _« OMYGAAAAWD I want to buy everything!! » _« Do I take the bag or those crazy shoes ?!? »_ « Take both !! I cannot let you leave without this incredible jacket ! » _« Ohhhhhh and this is the T-shirt capppppp you published on your blog last summer I tried to look out for it everywhere!!! » (this was me being completely extatic:-P)

Our very first vide dressing was a very great occasion for readers and bloggers to finally meet over delicious chocolate cookies, a Kombucha drink and come back home with tons of gifts. The event was a blast, and you could even had the chance to get a special Nail Art workshop genuisly orchestred by or nail expert blogger Danisha.


We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of our dear bloggers that help make such a great first, Lolitta for Fashion is Everywhere, Candice for Montréal in Fashion, Patrick for Oh My Menswear, Danisha for L’essentiel e(s)t l’accessoire, Delphine for Me Myself and Montréal, Geneviève for MilleNeufCent20, Catherine for Querelles and Aurélie for Lili Brunette.

We hope that you enjoyed your Clin D’oeil  “j'<3 la mode” goodie bags that included the Clin d’Oeil mag of this month, coupons from Maison leGrand, a dry shampoo from Garnier, a lipstick from Maybelline, and the new Smartset lookbook and gift card!

Congratulation to the MeMyselfandMontreal box winner and the 4 gift-cards from Smartset (worth 75$) winners !

And if unfortunately you missed this first Vide Dressing do not worry! Our next event will be held on September and we already planned lots of surprise for you !!

Are you excited ??


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