Throwback on Thoma Daneau conference – YouTube and SEO

Thoma Daneau cleverly combines strategy and passion to interact with the largest Internet users possible in an optimized manner. His increased social media experience always gives him a head start. Passionate about digital marketing, he likes to share his knowledge through his blogs articles.

Rooted in the communications industry in Montreal, he will help you better understand the web.

SEO & YouTube - Thoma Daneau

At this conference, Thoma Daneau gave advices so that influencers can have a successful YouTube channel. Thoma, himself, has a YouTube channel: One French Canadian. His most viewed video has no less than 363 thousand views. One of his videos has even made an appearance on the Jay Leno show.

To begin, Thoma told us that YouTube is different from other platforms. The community aspect is very important. The proof is: a video on YouTube has much more comments than an article. So, do not hesitate to leave comments on videos that you liked because it is a good way to earn some popularity.

Thoma then talked about SEO. You just posted your video, it’s now time to optimize it for SEO. In fact, YouTube is none other than the second most used search engine. There are many things that influence your SEO: the title of your video, the number of likes, the length of the video, etc. However, some things are more important than others: the title of your video for example. You can also use tools to analyze keywords to optimize the title.

The content of your video can also be improved to help SEO. Use editing software, record in a bright place, and avoid to record your videos with a smartphone (or use a tripod to stabilize it). The thumbnails are also very important! After that, feel free to share the video on your social networks and your blog.
Thoma also emphasized on the importance of looking at your statistics. This is a good way to see what your viewers like or not, how long your subscribers spend on your videos, etc. Also, do not hesitate to collaborate with other youtubeurs, it will help your channel to become more important.

Thoma ends his conference by giving some important tips:
– Plan your videos by having a calendar
– See your channel as a blog
– And leave you a chance to make videos that do not have much views. As for your blog, success takes time.

Find Thoma Daneau on his blog and his social media.

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