Tampax | Unveil the taboos

Tampax benefited from Made in ‘s expertise to promote their Tampax Radiant & Tampax Pearl range of sanitary pads.

Through the selection of 6 Quebec and Canadian influencers, Made in developed a content strategy with positive messages in order to unveil the taboos and the preconceived ideas that still linger around women’s periods.

In order to maximize the reach of publications and the presence of the brand on social networks, Made in has implemented a multi-platform strategy by activating communities on Instagram, Instagram stories, Youtube and Snapchat.

Cindy Cournoyer

Valérie Lafrance

Brenda Raftlova

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me if I workout on my period. "Well of course I do, why wouldn't I?" I replied. Did you know that working out on your period is actually extremely beneficial? I know that going to the gym is probably the last thing you want to do when Aunt Flow comes to visit, but it's the best thing to do. Here's why 👇🏼 … 1️⃣Your cramping will minimize. And I can swear by this! 2️⃣Your menstrual flow will be lighter. Isn't that awesome? No more swimming in blood.. Too much? 3️⃣And the most important point – working out during your period can yield greater strength and muscle mass than any other time of the month. Say what? Just make sure you're always protected 😉 Tampax assures up to 100% leak- and odour-free periods #TampaxRadiant #sponsored

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Cassidy Neves

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Elorri Bichindaritz

Elorri Bichindaritz

Influencer marketing coordinator at made in, Elorri is always looking for inspiration on social media platforms such as pinterest, instagram and youtube. She also has a strong interest in brand image and how innovative campains can engage customers into unforgettable experiences. In her spare time she likes to get lost in the city to discover new cafes, bars and restaurants.

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