Cinemagraph : An Art to Master in 2017

Cinemagraph is the product of photography and videography. The concept? A still image with often only a single component subtly animated in a repetitive manner. This type of content is alive— it’s fresh, intriguing and most of all, has demonstrated to perform extremely well within the Instagram community. Indeed, research has shown its tendency to go viral, with an organic reach that is 71% higher than regular photography content.

According to Made in, it is crucial to prioritize simplicity when producing Cinemagraph, as the key to this type of content lies in the ability to stage a short and subtle scene. After all, what could be more romantic than a dress flowing in the wind? When executed perfectly, a Cinemagraph is truly worth a thousand words, because it has the ability to seduce the eye towards the smallest details generating the deepest emotions. And just like that, it is almost as if you were there!

The concept of making different objects come alive due to a play on perspective and movement represents a powerful strategy for brands. Leather captured in motion will draw attention, and rightfully so, whereas a still photograph would not have been able to showcase the richness of the material. The mesmerizing effect of Cinemagraph allows you to highlight the brand in any given environment, and most importantly, at a much lower cost than a traditional video.


Christmas time w/ @linaalicewagner ❄️☃ @flixelphotos #flixel #cinemagraph #flixelcheer

Une vidéo publiée par Julia Linkogel (@madame.jules) le

Kiel James Patrick

Kitchen Ghosts

Инжир – несомненный фаворит последних съемок ☕️🍴😋#lunchtime

Une vidéo publiée par Daria & Olga (@kitchenghosts) le

Jamie Beck

Interested in diversifying your brand’s content? Contact Made in to learn more about the creation of Cinemagraph.

Nadine Nour

Nadine Nour

A self-confessed cat lover, coffee addict and professional bruncher, Nadine is an admirer of Montreal. Her favorite hobbies include travelling around the world, reading, discovering new places and obsessing over anything beauty or fashion related. A lover of influencer marketing, she strives to stay on top of new digital trends by constantly exploring what different social media platforms have to offer, by keeping track of creative content and by identifying up and coming influencers.

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