How to create a nice collage of your Instagram pictures #2016bestnine

With the end of the year fast approaching, its time to take stock of this year and to remember the good moments of 2016 (Also check out YouTube Rewind 360) If you are like me and collect photos on Instagram (308 posted this year!) this gives you a good overview of the year.

Collage with your Instagram pictures

If you could now have the point of view of your followers on  your best photos of 2016 (hoping that these also coincide with good times for you – who wants to remember the bad ones?). There is a website that will make  a nice collage of your 9 most “liked” photos in just a few minutes: 2016bestnine!

Here are mine from my Instagram account @aureliesauthier, as you can see I got married in 2016 (#happyme)! And surprisingly, my subscribers apparently love my snowy posts much more than I would have believed (#lifeinmontreal)…


At Made in we wanted to see the “2016 Best Nine” of some of our favorite Instagram accounts and we find that it represents them very well!

Gypsea Lust (Lauren Bullen)

Aka Gypsea_lust with her latest scandal that we had written about recently (Want to gain 200K followers?). Her photos always make us day-dream about a fabulous getaway, and we continue to send screenshots to inspire our boyfriends for our next vacation ^^ (including this now famous pool of a riad in Marrakech).

Elsa Muse (Elsa Snakers)

Aka @elsamuse who’s creativity we adore… always keeps us in suspense for her next stop motion!


Sara (Collage Vintage)

Aka @collagevintage who I’ve followed since the very beginning (I remember when she only had 5K followers) and who’s happiness is evident from her ever present smile. Her outfits are always on point (and actually wearable in real life for those that work outside the fashion industry). 


Wendy Nguyen (Wendy’s Lookbook)

Aka @wendyslookbook for her always very classic outfits and her fantastic cocktail dresses (not to mention her collection of boots!). Also what a great Instagram husband she has! Let me know if you manage to get yours to get a picture in this famous position in the middle of the street!


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Aurélie Sauthier

Aurélie Sauthier

President at Made in (Content & Influencer Marketing Agency)

A born entrepreneur, Aurélie Sauthier founded Made In in 2011 while no one knew what a major trend it would become for marketers. Aurélie now travels the world on the lookout for industry trends. You can see her frequently lecturing all over Canada and internationally.

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