Meet Instagram’s Top Flat Lay Queens

Since it’s launch, Instagram has been in constant evolution. Quickly, and as the platform grew, the type of content beloved by Instagram users evolved. And simultaneously, influencers from all types of categories who knew to capitalize on the power of this platform were born.

At Made in, we like to stay on top of new trends in order to always be able to recommend the best types of content to drive engagement for your brand. In the past few years, flat lays have increasingly grown in popularity on Instagram. The concept is quite simple – flat lay photography is all about taking a picture from above of different items strategically laid down while trying to obtain an aesthetically pleasing result. It essentially allows you to beautifully showcase as many things as you want, whether it be clothes, makeup, electronics or even food.

Flat lays can be an interesting way of promoting a brand’s products. Why, you ask? Well, simply said: it’s simple yet creative, it can easily be designed to highlight your products and when done correctly, it truly comes to life.

To inspire you, we’ve put together some of our favorite flat lays from Instagramers who have learned to master the art!

1. Lichipan

2. MeOhMyGirl

3. ChloeHollywood

4. TheTiaFox

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Nadine Nour

Nadine Nour

A self-confessed cat lover, coffee addict and professional bruncher, Nadine is an admirer of Montreal. Her favorite hobbies include travelling around the world, reading, discovering new places and obsessing over anything beauty or fashion related. A lover of influencer marketing, she strives to stay on top of new digital trends by constantly exploring what different social media platforms have to offer, by keeping track of creative content and by identifying up and coming influencers.

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