Social Media Models: The New Fashion Era

As seen in New York Fashion Week, social media has given birth to a whole new category of models, whose worth in the eye of fashion brands exceed by far those of previous runway stars. Why? Because on top of rocking shoots, they have a community of millions of fans watching their every move and even more so- liking, commenting and sharing their content. By including these models and social influencers in their fashion shows, designers are making a strategically profitable decision, knowing that they will benefit from the extra visibility and attention they bring.

These beauties have mastered the art of social media, keeping their fan bases engaged by sharing their lives with them. They have used platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to propel their careers, increasing their worth to a point where fashion powerhouses have no choice but to star them in their projects.

We’ve listed a Top 3 of the models who have successfully capitalized on social media to further their careers in the fashion world. Can we say, #GirlBoss ?

1. Kendall Jenner – 74.4M

Although Kendall was born in what one could arguably call the most famous family in the United Sates, the young model ranks at number one when it comes to leveraging social media to boost her modelling career. At only 21, she’s already had several Vogue covers, walked amazing haute couture shows, and even held the title of Instagram’s most liked picture in 2015 for one of her photographs that racked upwards of 3.7M likes.

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2. Gigi Hadid – 29.6M

Speaking of Vogue covers, in her short 21 years, Gigi Hadid has covered the fashion magazine for a total of 20 times, which is not too far off from Lauren Hutton’s all time record of 26. She’s in extremely high demand, having accomplished more than what some models do in their entire career. Recently, she even collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger to launch the brand’s newest collection – talk about AHmazing!

yesterday 🌞🌵

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3. Bella Hadid – 10.7M

Modelling skills(and amazing genes!) sure seem to run in the Hadid family, because the youngest of the daughters, Bella, is on her way to rule the fashion world, much like her older sister. From starring in music videos, to walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and covering the biggest Fashion publications, there is little the 20 year old has not accomplished.

Tomorrow 🙏🏼

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Nadine Nour

Nadine Nour

A self-confessed cat lover, coffee addict and professional bruncher, Nadine is an admirer of Montreal. Her favorite hobbies include travelling around the world, reading, discovering new places and obsessing over anything beauty or fashion related. A lover of influencer marketing, she strives to stay on top of new digital trends by constantly exploring what different social media platforms have to offer, by keeping track of creative content and by identifying up and coming influencers.

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