Why You should Take Part in the 28 Day Sobriety Challenge

Ever heard of the 28 day sobriety challenge? Propelled by the Jean Lapointe foundation, this annual movement invites people to stop their consumption of alcohol during the month of February. Even more so, it encourages people to actually take the time to enjoy themselves while doing it. Taking part in the challenge is easy! In fact, participants only need to make a donation of 28$, which will go directly towards the prevention of alcohol and drug addictions among thousands of teenagers.

Every reason is a good one when it comes to taking part in the 28 day movement: use this as an opportunity to challenge the impact and the role that alcohol has in our society, save money and most of all, enjoy the many health, leisure and personal benefits that it will bring you. You’ll even be able to say that you’re supporting the same cause as Alexandre Champagne from Trois fois par jour as well as the Stratis sisters from Ton Petit Look !

It is now even possible to form teams and participate in groups (friends, family, colleagues etc.) to make this experience even more fun! And that’s exactly what we recommend doing! Even better – why not celebrate the start of this new inspiring month with your loved ones? Here are four amazing Mocktail ideas that will easily convince you and all your friends to join the 28 days experience!

Raspberry and Rose Petal Mocktail

… when you can’t have wine for nine months, dressing up your water is the next best thing ☺️ it ALMOST tastes like a cocktail… #mamahood

Une photo publiée par Lauren Gores Ireland | You&Lu (@laurengores) le

Cucumber and cantaloupe Mocktail

Kombucha and Passion Fruit Mocktail

Jalapeno and Cucumber Mocktail

Aurélie Tisseur

Aurélie Tisseur

A fashion and brunch lover, Aurélie is an Account Manager at Made in. She loves reading, getting inspired, discovering new things and most of all, dancing! Deep down, she is an artist and her creativity allows her to add a touch of beauty in everything she undertakes.

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