Pinterest Launches new Amazing Features

Starting February, Pinterest will launch new functions to bring the user experience to a whole new level. Known as the ultimate visual tool, the platform recently took steps to make our inspirations more accessible than ever. Here’s a short resume of the new features that we, at Made in prepared for you!

Broadening your Horizons with new Ideas Tailored to your Tastes

Picture it: you’re browsing on Pinterest and the photograph of a margarita pizza attracts your attention (as well as your stomach’s attention)! Well now, you can simply click on the circle appearing on the pin to communicate that interest to the platform. Now, your home page will be automatically updated with similar recipes as well as content adapted to your style and taste.


Easily get your Hands on the Items you Love

Although the new “Shop the Look” feature is only currently available in the United States, it’s only a matter of time before it is launched in Canada. With this function, it will now be possible to easily get your hands on your Pinterest favorites. You’ll simply need to click on the button appearing on the item you want and you’re ready to go! Our wallets might not be as happy as us about this one though…


Draw Inspiration from the World Around You with the New Lens Feature

This next feature will be launched in Canada soon, and will allow you to easily find the items you come across in real life, on line – on Pinterest. Yes, you heard that right! Strolling around and fell in love with the corner café’s cute cups? Simply pull out your phone, select the camera icon next to the search bar and easily find similar ideas for you to buy!


Want to capitalize on these new features for your business? Contact Made in for a content and influencer strategy on Pinterest.

Aurélie Tisseur

Aurélie Tisseur

A fashion and brunch lover, Aurélie is an Account Manager at Made in. She loves reading, getting inspired, discovering new things and most of all, dancing! Deep down, she is an artist and her creativity allows her to add a touch of beauty in everything she undertakes.

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