Influencers are Creators for your Brand

Executing an influencer marketing strategy with brio depends heavily of the choice of influencers who compose it. Here at Made in, we stress the importance of being intrinsically integrated to a brand’s global strategy in order to gain most from an influencer marketing campaign.

If more and more brands decide to pair up with influencers to inspire and create products or collections, this is why.

Influencers know consumers’ tastes

It just makes sense. Influencers have an unparalleled proximity to consumers. They know what they go crazy for, what they want, what they ask for.

JOJU, a French clothing company is partnering up with influencers to design entire clothing lines.
The jewelry industry is also greatly benefiting from this trend. Thea Jewelry has already won the hearts of many celebrities. Now, she decides to tie up with Deedeeparis to reach and capture consumers in a more intimate way. Together, they created the « Breathe » bracelet.

JewelCandle teamed up with Horia, the French YouTube sensation. Horia conceived a candle that expresses her style, choosing the name, the scent and the jewel that accompanies it. Soleil Bracelets is also on the coup. They offer their customers a box containing a piece of jewelry selected by the brand alongside a special piece selected by an influencer.

Opportunities linked to influencer marketing are constantly evolving and renewing themselves. Let Made in be your ally in this ever-changing environment


Clara Tairraz

Clara Tairraz

Brunch enthusiast, avid traveller and inexhaustible dancer, Clara manages Made in's European accounts and is based in Paris. Sponsorships manager in her old life, she always seeks new colourful and creative ways to make brands shine. Her secret weapon: unparalleled positivity

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