10 Rules To Be a Good Twitter User

10-rules-good-twitter-userWe wanted to call this article The 10 commandments , but may be it’s a bit too dramatic. We just wanted to remind you of the rules on how to be a good user of Twitter.


Rule number 1: Use between 70 and 100 caracters instead of the 140 at your disposal. In this way if people retweet they can add a comment and personalize the message if they wish.


Rule number 2 : It is best to use only 1 or 2 hashtags top. If you use more than 2 hashtags your tweets become less relevant and the readability is limited. Plus, as we said above, you actually only have 100 characters so use them at their best. 



Rule number 3: Be careful when you want to retweet information. All that is posted on Twitter is not necessarily info. Do not hesitate to check the elements and the source of that tweet. 



Rule number 4: Besides, when you retweet a content, it’s no big deal if you shorten the tweet because it is too long (by removing one or two words). The thing is not to distort the original purpose. Plus, if you paraphrase, use MT before the tweet. MT means “modified tweet” and indicates that the tweet is a paraphrase of another one.



Rule number 5: You like an article and you want to share it on Twitter? That’s great but do not forget to mention the source. That’s always nice! 



Rule number 6: Tweets that contain a picture are twice as likely to be retweeted. Word to the wise!



Rule number 7: Do not follow people because you want them to follow you back. This is not a race to have more subscribers. When you follow someone it is because you like their content. It will be the same for the person who wish to follow you. Post quality content, the rest will follow.


Rule number 8: Never retweet your own tweets! Ever! 


Rule number 9: Re-read your tweets. Yes it seems obvious but even with 140 characters no one is immune from a mistake. Ask Justin Bieber!



Rule number 10: Do not forget to personalize your twitter account. Write a description, change the background, add a banner (why not use the one from your blog?) in order to make your account more attractive and professional. 



Bonus – Tips : If you want to organize your readings, do not hesitate to use the lists or to favorites some tweets in order to read the content later 😉

Do you have other rules? Do not forget to tell us in the comments! To follow our news, follow us FacebookTwitterInstagram


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