Avène Solaire | The ultra-light sunscreen lotion

To highlight the launch of the new collection of Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ products, Avène collaborated with Made in to create a content and influencer campaign tailored to the brand.

Influencers with different ethnicities, skin tones and styles were selected to ensure the campaign spoke to everyone, spreading far and wide the main message of the campaign : a solar protection adapted every skin type!

To maximize the impact of the campaign on consumers, Made in recommended a content strategy designed to captivate the interest of users through repeated exposure to different types on content created and shared on Instagram, Instagram stories and YouTube, instead of opting for publications which simply pushed the product. The product itself was not present in every content, which ensured that consumers did not feel overexposed to the ad.

The content creators were therefore able to engage in storytelling, sharing with their communities some tips and tricks regarding product usage. This strategy proved to be efficient, as consumers continued to voice their interest towards the product, thanks to the power of storytelling!

The campaign was a success, reaching over 586K people and generating over 1.1M impressions. Have a look at some of the publications in the campaign:





Est-ce que tout comme moi vous ne sortez jamais de la maison sans protection solaire? 🌞 Je viens de tester le nouveau soin solaire 100% minéral avec FPS50+ de @eauthermaleaveneca et je l’adore! Il est conçu pour tous les types de peau: sans filtre chimique et sans parfum. La texture est parfaite: légère et aucun effet blanc sur la peau quand on l’applique! Et en plus, le produit procure jusqu’à 24h d’hydratation! 💦 Pour avoir testé des tonnes de soin solaire, c’est vraiment le plus complet que je connaisse! Un super produit à découvrir pour cet été! Disponible chez @pjcjeancoutu et dans toutes les pharmacies! #AveneSunTech #MineralSunscreen #Ultralight #Ultrasafe #SensitiveSkin #Dermsuncare #ad

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Elorri Bichindaritz

Elorri Bichindaritz

Influencer marketing coordinator at made in, Elorri is always looking for inspiration on social media platforms such as pinterest, instagram and youtube. She also has a strong interest in brand image and how innovative campains can engage customers into unforgettable experiences. In her spare time she likes to get lost in the city to discover new cafes, bars and restaurants.

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