Boursin celebrates festive moments with Canadian influencers

Made in helped Boursin with its last influencer marketing campaign. dans sa dernière campagne de marketing d’influence. No matter the occasion (birthday, friends dinner, girls night in, etc.) there’s always a delicious Boursin-inspired recipe that’s guaranteed to impress your guests.

Thanks to the brand, the ambassadors created chic & festive moments who celebrate the taste, the dressing and the social moments.


1. Taste pleasure

The influencers put the highlight on the taste & the creamy and crumbly texture of the cheese. They played with pairings : a simple apricot, Pecan nuts and Cranberry-and-pepper Boursin will make your guests happy, as shown by Chloé Dumont.

2. Dressing pleasure

When it comes to creating alluring appetizers, every host can use their sense of aestetics to enhance the product. Jérémy Inglett et Adrien Harris de @foodgays, Monika Hibbs,  Choosing Chia ou Isabelle de @allons.y have created wonderful platters, with cheese, charcuterie or fruits. The objective was to inspire people with creative recipes and multiple ways to enjoy the irresistible Boursin cheese


 3. Social pleasure

The creator combines Boursin with social pleasure & conviavility. Every Boursin moment is an opportunity to share a perfect meal with incredible guest, as shown by Joëlle Anello and Sabrina Stavenjord, or Chloé Dumont.

With this campaign, Made in shows its expertise in content & influencer marketing in the food industry.

Vincent Bronner

Vincent Bronner

French marketer expat in Montreal, Vincent works as an Influencer Project Manager at Made in. He is a travel enthusiast and has a strong interest in brands' digital strategies.

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