The best YouTube 24h challenges?

A lot of YouTubers have recently done the 24h hour overnight challenge, but what is this challenge all about exactly? This wacky video series shows people hiding out overnight in various businesses and stores throughout the world. People go into the stores during the day, hide out during closing and stay overnight. They then film the whole experience while trying not to get caught – we find it very funny that no police has been involved yet! We selected the best 24h challenges on YouTube, just for you.

Spending the night in Walmart

Who never dreamed of spending the night in a Walmart to enjoy the empty store and do whatever you want? YoBoy PIZZA  did it and we couldn’t stop watching!

Spending the night in IKEA

The popular Canadian YouTuber ItsJustNick started his 24h challenge at IKEA. However, he had to change his plan during the challenge to find a smaller furniture store to hide for the night and it’s mission accomplished !

Spending the night at Toy’r’Us

It’s a child dream com true! Spending the night with toys all around you: how could you ever sleep in a normal bed again? Meet the Vloggers experienced it as a part of their 24h challenge series – which also include 24h hours in a shopping mall, 24 hours in a stranger’s hotel, overnight in a movie theatre… go to their channel for more !

Spending the night in Trump Tower

JayStation wanted to live the real experience of staying in Trump Tower… without really living in Trump Tower. Watch to see if everything really is gold in Trump’s properties !

Jump all night in a Trampoline park

The UK YouTuber PointlessBlog arranged his stay with the owner of the place to be able to jump all night without the police showing up. His challenge still was to hide out from employees before closing and he did it perfectly !

Let us know what’s your favourite 24h challenge of the Internet !

Marie-Élodie Molle

Marie-Élodie Molle

Living for social media, Marie spends sometimes just a little too much time on YouTube, trying to catch the next big thing Internet has to offer. Her secret weapon ? Always be kind to people.

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