Reviewing Canada’s Most Watched YouTube Videos

I wish life were as fun as Youtube’s Rewind 2016.

Youtube is the world’s second search engine and a huge vector for Made in when building influencer marketing campaigns. Given the place videos occupy in our Internet consumption, it’s fair to say Youtube’s rewind is a pretty accurate reflection of this year’s Internet highlights. Here’s a look at the videos that made it to the top ten most watched videos on YouTube in Canada.

Music on YouTube

Music is a unique way to connect and comes in many forms. If you enjoy lip-sync battles as much as I do, you’ve certainly watched (again and again) Channing Tatum perform Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls). And you weren’t the only one, because it is the most viewed video on YouTube in Canada this year. In my opinion, all of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke videos are delirious, but Adele’s is the one that stood out.

Proud to be Canadian

So, the Wheel of Musical Impression with Céline Dion may not have been as popular in every country, but we love our Celine and she definitely made it to the top ten videos of 2016 in Canada.

As some of you may have noticed, the recent American elections, or our very good looking Prime Minister, have spiked the interest of some of our southern neighbors to move “up North”. “So you want to move to Canada, Eh” from The Ellen Show is not only accurate, it’s very funny. Perhaps just as much as Barack Obama trying, I insist on trying, to pronounce the name of Canada’s biggest suburb: Mississauga.

Taught by YouTube

Thanks to platforms like YouTube, people are pulling information towards them. This is a very important part of influencer marketing. They look for educational content, whichever the topic may be or however funny it can be. Superwoman’s How to be a YouTube star featuring The Rock is  a good example. And it seems like the trend of cutting things open prompted What’s Inside a Rattlesnake to the top ten videos watched on YouTube in Canada this year. To my surprise, the only sport related video to make it to the top ten is Dude Perfect’s Soccer Trick Shots.

So, I thought zombies would stop being in style at some point, but clearly, I was wrong. Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse by Cabot Philips also makes it to the top ten. On a sadder note, Fort McMurray’s ravaging fire caught on Camera by Global News was also one of the most watched video on YouTube.

The traction and reach we are able to get on YouTube never ceases to amaze me. See how Made in can help you build an influencer marketing campaign and make the most out of what is arguably, the best website on earth.

Clara Tairraz

Clara Tairraz

Brunch enthusiast, avid traveller and inexhaustible dancer, Clara manages Made in's European accounts and is based in Paris. Sponsorships manager in her old life, she always seeks new colourful and creative ways to make brands shine. Her secret weapon: unparalleled positivity

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