The Power of Being a Mom

Influencers come in all forms and sometimes arise from the categories you’d least expect. When entering the realm of influencer marketing at Made in, I was taken aback by the power of recommendation exercised by YouTuber moms. In all fairness, if you are like me and turn to your Mom for much needed advice, I think we can to say the power of recommendation of mothers stems from the source. Naturally, the phenomenon has extended to the influence industry as well.

French YouTuber Moms

Instagram has its share of cool moms. Well, France has a small handful of powerful digital influencers moms who have gathered considerable communities who watch their vlogs every day. Highlights of their family life, tips and tricks, favorite products, food, clothes, activities, everything is there. And the response and engagement of their communities is astounding.

Furthermore, the fact that motherhood implies so many crucial decisions for one self and one’s family generates an above average power of recommendation which YouTuber moms benefit from.

Here are the top 5 French Mommy YouTube channel I urge you to follow:


Roxanne, her husband Alex and their lovely almost 2 years old Mila share their life and adventures daily with their community. With no less then 225 000 followers, Milababychou channel is the first YouTuber mom channel in France. The channel goes beyond baby stuff and covers women’s beauty and health, making it an all-around comprehensive channel.



Lauriane has two children age 7 and 11 who are nothing but fun and really implicated in the channel which has close to 225 000 followers on YouTube. On her channel, her little family takes on various challenges and tries an array of different products which they review. Lauriane is also a beauty influencer and creates great make-up tutorials and reviews various beauty products. In this case, we can say « YouTubing » is passed down from generation to generation. Lauriane’s two kids have even started their own channel, J&J’s World, which already has over 100 000 followers.


Journal d’un Maman

Becca shares her and her adorable 2 years old daughter Eliora’s life in Paris on her YouTube channel. Becca started as a beauty YouTuber then integrated her mommy life given the constant demand from her community. Being a mom has many facets and ups and downs which she shares in her daily vlogs. Her bright personality has won her nearly 50 000 followers in less than a year.


Allo Maman

Laure has won the hearts of over 50 000 followers on her YouTube channel Allo Maman. As this is written, Laure is awaiting a second child. As you can imagine, many women in the same situation turn to Laure for advice and testimonies about motherhood and pregnancy.  Her son, Eden and husband, Anthony, are part of her vlogs and bring a different dimension to her channel.


The Elyrose channel celebrates two years and nearly 45 000 followers. Elyssa vlogs everyday and shares her baby tips, parenting tips, beauty tips, look and hauls.  She is also preparing her wedding and sharing the details with us! Her daughter Ella is 19 months old and simply adorable.

Clara Tairraz

Clara Tairraz

Brunch enthusiast, avid traveller and inexhaustible dancer, Clara manages Made in's European accounts and is based in Paris. Sponsorships manager in her old life, she always seeks new colourful and creative ways to make brands shine. Her secret weapon: unparalleled positivity

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